Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Infinite Abyss Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays

I have never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. It was one of the most unorganized days to work when I was a waitress and I just never understood waiting for two hours to eat in an overly crowded restaurant. My birthday is three days after that dreadful holiday and I always looked forward to that instead. However, I love the idea of pampering someone you care about, whether it be on that day, the weekend after, or everyday of the year.

I put together a small roundup of gifts I really like, based around my handmade serving trays. They are perfect for serving up breakfast in bed and then can be used to hold trinkets and treasures for a cozy display. The items in the gift guide are simple and beautiful, and are sure to be appreciated by girlfriends, sisters, friends, or mothers this Valentine’s Day.


2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide by Samantha Hartman of Infinite Abyss

1. White and Black Aztec Serving Tray by Infinite Abyss
2. Striated Crystal Ring Holder by Modern Mud
3. Desert Poppy Pillow Cover by San Junipero
4. Postcard: Love by Sideshow Press
5. Sweet Wilderness Candle by Falling Into Place


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